5 Traditional Danish Pastries You MUST Try

What makes a Danish pastry so special?

The traditional Danish pastry is highly recognized work in Denmark and it's almost a whole culture of itself. Our pastry chefs use time-honed techniques and classic Danish flavors to produce our traditional Danish pastries. Each pastry is carefully hand-crafted to achieve the perfect lamination, texture, and authentic taste that Danes have come to expect from Ole & Steen. Baked throughout the day, Ole & Steen pastries are as delicious in the afternoon as they are in the morning.

Ole and Steen cinnamon social

Cinnamon Social™

Our signature pastry, the Cinnamon Social™, is the height of hygge. It is a layered pastry dough, soft cinnamon and vanilla filling, and topped with just the right amount of icing. Our Cinnamon Social™ can be purchased as a whole loaf to share with good company, or enjoyed by the slice at any time of day.


A Spandauer (also known in the US as a Danish) is baked with light, flaky pastry, and filled with either raspberry inside and topped with chopped hazelnuts or we let the seasons dictate our limited time seasonal Spandauer. It is typically eaten for breakfast, but is also often eaten with your afternoon coffee.

Ole and steen spanduaer

Cinnamon Swirl

In Denmark, we LOVE our swirls (or as we call then in Danish, snegls). A true cinnamon swirl is baked with a base of flaky pastry with cinnamon paste, vanilla custard and topped with icing. This is a Danish classic and a must try if you want a real Danish treat.

Chocolate Swirl

Our chocolate swirl has roots in the cinnamon swirl, but with a twist of chocolate. It is baked with the same flaky pastry base, but with brown sugar instead of cinnamon, custard and it's topped with chocolate icing. This makes a perfect midday snack or goes fantastic on the breakfast table for something sweet.

Ole and steen traditional butter croissant


Our croissant doesn't need much explanation, it's a croissant in it's best form. It's an amazing traditional butter croissant, that you can spice up as much as you want. Take it home and fill it with chocolate, or enjoy it with butter and ham.