Christmas at ole and steen

it's beginning to taste alot like christmas

Christmas is the season of joy, the season of family gatherings, the season of giving and receiving and the season of great Christmas food and treats that we all love.

At our Ole And Steen bakeries we yet again have been working on our most loved Christmas treats for you and your family to enjoy. This year we have been developing some of our most beloved Danish classic treats to give them a more christmassy look and taste.

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We just love the Chistmas time and our Christmas assortment this year includes a Christmas Tree Puff, a Polar Bear Rum Ball and of course a Christmas classic the Honey Hearts whichs comes both covered in white and dark chocolate.

Remember that you can order all our Christmas treats online through our partners Doordash and Caviar. We then ensure to pack all of your treats for pick-up or you can order your freshly baked delicacies for delivery right too your doorstep.

Christmas Tree Puff

Our christmas tree puffs are perfect on every Christmas table

The Christmas tree puffs stand on marzipan bottoms and are filled with velvety smooth foam, dipped in white chocolate and rolled in crunchy, green coconutflakes. At the top, of course, the beautiful christmas star shines bright.

Polar bear rum ball

Have you ever tried a true classic Danish “Romkugle”?

The Polar Bears Rum Balls are built from our classic Danish Rum Ball recipe which includes our well-known truffle mass, that every dane knows and loves. The Polar Bear Rum Balls are decorated with coconut fur, as well as eyes, ears and a small snout.

Perfect both for children aswell as adults.

Honey hearts

Christmas is the season of hearts and now you can pass on the joy of Christmas with a honey heart - A tasty gift for yourself or someone you love. Give it as a hostess gift, advent gift or just because.

We bake them with gingerbread dough spiced with Christmas flavors and aromas - and coat them with dark or white chocolate with decorations on top.