Coffee and Food Recommendations


When it comes to caffeine, nothing beats a great espresso. It's the foundation of a delicious and intense cup of coffee that allows you to taste specialty coffee beans, whether it’s an espresso shot, a macchiato, an americano or a classic drip coffee.

What makes a morning cup of coffee even better? A pastry, of course. We've collected a handful of recommendations to make your breakfast experience even better.

The Copenhagener, also known as Tebirkes in Denmark, is a Danish puff pastry filled with marzipan and topped with poppyseeds. Light and airy, this traditional Danish treat is perfect for any time of day.
For those who prefer a classic Croissant, we have those too! These laminated dough pastries go especially well with a quick shot of espresso or macchiato when you are on the go or looking for something delicious and quick when you're in a rush.

If you are looking for something more filling, visit us a quick and healthy breakfast. We recommend our seasonal vegan overnight oats, made with chia seeds, coconut yogurt and fresh fruits. Another option would be our smoked salmon sandwich, made with cucumber, radish, watercress, shallot & chive cream cheese on a salt & pepper roll – a filling breakfast that goes well with a strong cup of black coffee.

Croissant and coffee
Spandauer and coffee


With our careful selection of coffee beans, blends and tasting notes there are almost endless possibilities to the very much-loved the black coffee. Here we talk about the classic milk coffee variants, choose a Latte, a Cappuccino, a Cortado or a Flat White if you want more flavor of coffee in your milk coffee.

Coffee with milk goes incredibly well with pastries or cakes, and here we have selected a few that we ourselves and our customers love to enjoy together.

Our Danish pastries are a great option to choose for when it comes to coffee foods, they are freshly baked throughout the day and each of our pastries are hand-crafted. Try our vanilla spandauer, a classic Danish puff pastry filled with vanilla custard, white icing and almonds, the spandauer also comes with raspberry and is filled with raspberry marmalade for a sweet and sour sensation. If you are looking for something sweet to go with your latte or your cortado try a Gateau Marcel which is a gluten-free chocolate cake filled with a silky, smooth chocolate mousse and is a perfect match for a coffee with milk.

If you are hungry for more than cake and pastries to go with your coffee, we have a great selection of midday sandwiches, toasties and salads. Try our Danish cured ham toastie with gouda cheese, dijon mayonnaise served on a freshly made focaccia bread and are perfect to take with you to go, with a cup of freshly brewed cappuccino or a flat white.


Hot chocolate is a winner both for kids and adults, the sweet drink keeps everybody happy and it’s a great option for cold days or cozy nights. A hot chocolate is also one of the best drinks to enjoy with something sweet or savering on the site, it just makes the experience so much better for everybody. Try it with our dark chocolate marshmallow puff with whipped marshmallow, dark chocolate and a marzipan base, because who doesn't just love marshmallow and hot chocolate?

If you are more into tea - don’t worry we got you. We have always stock a huge variety of different tea tastes, whether you want a Sencha green tea, peppermint, lemon grass & ginger, a herb harmony tea or just a classic ear grey. If you are more of a tea connoisseur we also do nine spice fresh chai and honey tea, a chamellia chai spice and a favorite of ours; the matcha green tea latte.

Tea and cake is also a classic comb, and we would very much recommend to pair your tea of choice with our home-made and hand-crafted Danish pastries, like our Cinnamon Social™ which is a soft dough pastry with vanilla custard cinnamon filling and white icing, we also have this taste in a cinnamon swirl, you should also try our chocolate swirl with also is a Danish puff pastry with a shortcrust base, chocolate filling, and chocolate icing, the cake is very loved all around Scandinavia.

Cinnamon swirl and coffee
Cinnamon swirl tray


Christmas is soon upon us all, and we at Ole & Steen think it's a fantastic holiday that brings together families around happiness and where good food is obligatory. Therefore we have been working around the clock at our bakeries to develop new pastries that suit this cold yet beautiful holiday season.

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