Danish Bakery in NYC

Danish Bakery in NYC

Have you ever tried real Danish bread and pastries? If not, this is the time! We have brought our Danish bakeries to New York City, and shipped all of our baking traditions with us. This means our bread is baked in the same way as we do in Denmark, with amazing sourdough that gives our bread it’s distinct flavor and fluffy crumb.

All our breads including our sourdough loaves and rye breads are baked in stone ovens that give the breads its crispy yet flavorful crust. Our Danish pastry is made equal to how we do it in Denmark to secure the best texture and flavor in all our Danish pastries.

Ole and steen baker cutting bread
Ole and steen swirls

Top 7 Danish Pastries you MUST try from our bakeries

At Ole and Steen we are very proud of all our products and we are happy to bring these to midtown Manhattan, Bryant Park and Union Square in New York, for you to try. If you still haven't been, it's about time, and for all of those that have, we are looking forward to seeing you again!

On this page we have selected some of our best and most authentic Danish products that we think you would love.

  • Cinnamon Social™ is a soft pastry, with rich vanilla custard, this is a true Danish classic.
  • Vanilla Spandauer is lightly baked with flaky pastry and filled with vanilla custard, it almost doesn't get more Danish than this.
  • Soft Grain Rye is a rye flour baked with wheat flour, sourdough and soft rye kernels. If you consider making your own “smørrebrød” use this, this is what most Danes use.
  • Sourdough Loaf is baked with whole grain and biga sourdough. This sourdough loaf can be used on many different occasions, it’s great for a sandwich or just with butter and a slice of great cheese.
  • Rye, Skagen, Spelt or Salt & Pepper Roll served plain or with your choice of butter & cheese. The Danes love their rolls and are mostly eaten throughout the weekends with a soft boiled egg on the side.
  • Skagen Loaf is baked with whole grain wheat, rye flour, sunflower, durum and chia seeds, and sourdough. This skagen loaf is amazing, the texture of this bread is airy and it’s great on the breakfast table.

Order Danish pastries and cakes online

Ole & Steen is now also available for delivery exclusively with Caviar & Doordash. This ensures that you always have all our Danish baked goods near you, actually it’s just a click away. Click the links below to order your favorite Danish bread from an authentic Danish baker.

Ole and steen croissants on sheetpaper
Ole and steen store inside

Find your local Danish bakery here

If you are looking for authentic Danish pastries or bread in New York City, then come visit our bakeries and coffee shops and order your favorite danish bread, pastries and hot or cold drinks to go. All of our staff is ready to welcome you inside and maybe you will get some inspiration for your breakfast table or something sweet to go with your lunch.

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