What is Fastelavn?

Fastelavn (fest-e-laun) is the Nordic holiday you've probably never heard of (the name “Fastelavn” translates as “Fast-evening"). It is a holiday which Danish children especially, look forward to every year.

The build up to Fastelavn is very colourful and carnival like; full of colors, costumes, laughter and of course, food. In fact, part of the celebration everyone gets to enjoy, is Fastelavnsboller or "Festive Buns", as we like to call them here, which are traditionally stuffed with raisins and boiled. However, today they are more commonly filled with sugar, custard, jam or cream for an indulgent treat.

These buns are only available for the month of February so act fast!!

Try one (or ALL) of our Carnival Bun Flavors!

  • Vanilla Bun
  • Blueberry Hazelnut Bun
  • Coffee & Salted Caramel Bun
  • Raspberry Chocolate Bun