Kagemand & Kagekone

Kagemand and Kagekone - custom cake for children’s birthday parties

At Ole And Steen you can order a true danish kagemand / cake man or a kagekone / cake wife for all occasions. We make each cake to order, which means that you can choose, hair color, decorations, ribbons and sweets for toppings so that your cake man or cake wife will be exactly as you want it to be.

If you want a cake man or cake wife, contact your nearest Ole And Steen. You will find the overview of our stores via the button below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

A Danish cake tradition for birthday parties

There is a great tradition in cake men and cake wives in Denmark and they are almost a must have on every Danish birthday table, regardless of age.

At Ole And Steen, it is possible to have your cake baked with a base of pastry, in addition, it is possible to choose decorations in the form of sweets, what hair color the cake should have, whether there should be birthday flags on the cake, and if desired, it is possible to get a marzipan ribbon on the cake with text of your choice.

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If you are in the neighborhood, then come visit our bakeries and coffee shops. All our staff is ready to welcome you inside and maybe you will get some inspiration to go with your kagemand or kagekone, maybe a coffee or something else to drink?

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