Taste our freshly baked bread or order beautiful Danish cakes at our popular bakery in Midtown East Manhattan. Have a quality start to your day with a Danish breakfast with freshly brewed coffee.

At our Midtown East location, we offer a modern take on traditional Danish cuisine. We have a wide variety of freshly made cakes, breads, classic Danish pastries and breakfast dishes on our menu. Whether you’re coming off the train from Grand Central Terminal, planning a picnic in Central Park, or simply sightseeing around.

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Monday-Friday - 7:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday-Sunday - 8:00AM - 7:00PM

518 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017
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Ole and steen coffee inside bakery
A menu at ole and steen with croissant and a toasted roll


At our Midtown East store we offer a modern take on traditional Danish food. We have a wide variety of freshly made cakes, freshly baked breads, classic Danish pastries and furthermore we offer a wide range of different breakfast dishes on our menu.

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Denmark is known for its time-honored baking traditions. This is both shown in the way all our breads visually are presented and most important in the taste and texture of all our breads. Our menu includes sourdough loaves, danish rye breads and our whole grain breads.

We are very proud to bring Danish baking traditions all the way from Denmark to New York City. We love bread and Danish pastries and therefore we have selected our favorites for you. We think you would enjoy our sourdough loaves or our classic breads like the skagen, or the ølander. If you are a bit more ​​adventurous we really recommend our Danish rye bread which takes three days to produce and uses sourdough to rise and give taste.

If you are looking for something sweet then you should try our classic Danish pastries that are hand-crafted in the old way of baking and this will secure the perfect texture, and the authentic taste that Danes have come to expect from Ole & Steen. Try our signature pastries in Midtown East Manhattan we promise that you won't regret.

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A breadshelf inside our bakery
Barista latte art at ole and steen


Our coffee is always freshly brewed from high quality espresso shots and with carefully selected beans, that both taste and smell fantastic. In our Midtown East bakery and coffee shop all our baristas are skillfully trained to brew their best take on a great cup of coffee every time. In our store you will find everything from a classic dip coffee, to an espresso macchiato, and a cortada. We also have a wide range of different hot drinks for you to enjoy.

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All our cakes and tarts are handmade and freshly baked everyday for the best possible cake experience. We use high quality ingredients from start to finish to secure the best taste and texture in every one of our cakes. Choose a Gateau Marcel which is a gluten-free chocolate cake or go with our strawberry tart that is our best selling cake in Denmark.

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Inside ole and steen bakery making strawberry tarts
A classic danish breakfast at ole and steen


Are you hungry for a more complete breakfast and want to try some traditional Danish options? We have selected a few Danish favorites to start your day. The danes love freshly baked bread and enjoy their rolls with butter and cheese with an over-medium egg on the site. This is both a filling and great tasting breakfast that you can enjoy both inside our store or take it with you to go.

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Ole & Steen was founded in 1991 by the bakers Ole Kristoffersen and Steen Skallebaek in Denmark where our bakeries are called “Lagkagehuset”. We believe that high quality ingredients are the key to a great tasting experience, whether it’s bread, cakes or pastries. Come by our store in Midtown East Manhattan to get the full experience of Danish modern “hygge” where we offer a sleek yet inviting space for you to gather over convivial meals throughout the day.

A ole and steen baker cutting dough