Order Danish pastries online

Order Danish Pastries Online

We know how busy life can be and how inconvenient shopping sometimes is. Therefore we made it possible to order your freshly baked Danish pastries and all our other products online and get it delivered right to your doorstep in NYC.

Order through our third party delivery services and you will have our whole bakery right in your pocket.

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Ole and steen cinnamon swirl
Ole and steen cinnamon social

Cinnamon Social™

Comforting Cinnamon Social™ are the height of hygge. Our signature pastry, The Cinnamon Social™ are a layered pastry dough, with soft flavorful fillings, and topped with just the right amount of icing or sugar. Our Cinnamon Social™ are made to be shared with good company or enjoyed by the slice at any time of day.

Vanilla & Raspberry Spandauer

A spandauer is an airy piece of pastry and our spandour is baked with light, flaky pastry, and filled with either vanilla custard or raspberry inside and topped with chopped hazelnuts. It is typically eaten for breakfast, but is also often eaten with your afternoon coffee.

Ole and steen spanduar
Ole and steen cinnamon swirl

Cinnamon Swirl

There is a great tradition in Denmark for the famous Cinnamon Swirl. Our true Danish cinnamon swirl is baked with a base of flaky pastry with cinnamon paste, vanilla custard and topped with icing. This is a Danish pastry classic and a must try if you want a real Danish treat.

Chocolate Swirl

Our chocolate swirl has roots in the cinnamon swirl, but with a twist of chocolate. It is baked with the same flaky pastry base, but with brown sugar instead of cinnamon, custard and it's topped with chocolate icing. This makes a perfect midday snack or goes fantastic on the breakfast table for something sweet.

Ole and steen chocolate swirl
Ole and steen croissaint


Our croissant doesn't need much explanation, it's a croissant in it's best form. It's an amazing traditional butter croissant, that you can spice up as much as you want. Take it home and fill it with chocolate, or enjoy it with butter and ham.


Ole & Steen is now also available for delivery exclusively with Caviar & Doordash. This ensures that you always have all our danish baked goods near you, actually it’s just a click away. Click the links below to order your favorite danish pastries from an authentic danish baker.

Ole and steen instore
Ole and steen coffee

Delivery options

Our pastry delivery and takeout service makes online ordering easy and convenient, and you choose whether you want your danish pastries to be delivered at your doorstep or to be handed personally at any desired location in Midtown Manhattan.

We deliver our freshly made danish pastries from our stores located at:

Pickup your online order at our local bakeries in Manhattan

If you are in the neighborhood, then come visit our bakeries and coffee shops and order your freshly made pastries to go. All our staff is ready to welcome you inside and maybe you will get some inspiration for something to go with your favorite pastries.

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