NYC Coffee To Go

Coffee To Go Near Bryant Park

If you are looking for a well made cup of coffee to go near Bryant park, come visit our bakery and coffee shop located at 80 West 40th Street NY, just outside the park close by the Benito Juarez Monument. Come inside, order your favorite coffee or hot drink - regardless if it's a Cappuccino or a Chai Latte before you head inside the park and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and the many activities at Bryant Park.

Winter is coming and soon it’s possible to go ice skating, enjoy the Christmas Market or visit the Bryant Park Winter Village, and what’s better than a warm cup of coffee or a hot chocolate to go, to keep the cold away, keep your hands warm and your tastebuds happy.

Latte Art
Ole and steen to go cups

Coffee To Go Near Union Square

Union Square has a lot to offer regardless if you want to go for a walk through Madison Square Park, visit The iconic Flatiron Building on Fifth Avenue or simply want to go to the Union Square Farmers Market and look for delicious home grown greens for your dinner, nevertheless we have the coffee to go to each occasion. Our coffee shop located at 873 Broadway NYC will supply you with freshly roasted and brewed coffee of particularly high quality coming from certified Specialty Coffee.

Visit our coffee shop and bakery at Union Square and let us indulge you with freshly made coffee and pastries that will make your tour around town even better.

Coffee To Go Near Midtown East Manhattan

Go on a historical walk through Midtown East Manhattan and visit the beautiful well preserved catolic cathedral St. Patrick’s Cathedral directly across from Rockefeller Center, which also is worth a visit. However, we would recommend that you refuel on coffee and maybe a piece of cake, before you go on this trip as there are many churches in the area that are worth a visit. Come visit our coffee shop located at 518 Lexington Avenue, Midtown East where our well educated baristas will make you your favorite coffee or hot drink to go, so you are well prepared for a memorable day in Midtown Manhattan.

We would also recommend that you visit St. Bartholomew’s Church, The Central Synagogue and the Chrysler Building which is a very beautiful Art Deco Skyscraper both outside and inside.

Barista making latte art
Grinded coffee beans


For us coffee is more than just coffee, therefore we have carefully selected our supplier to fit our high standards regarding our beans, blends and tasting notes - altogether to give you the best experience when you visit our coffee shops.

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