Our Coffee


All our coffee is certified Speciality Coffee which means coffee of particularly high quality and in-depth knowledge of how the beans have been handled in every step from harvest to the finished cup of coffee. Furthermore our coffee supplier has optaint the Green Plus sustainable business certification, which means a lot for us as a partner.

At our coffee academy, our passionate baristas are skillfully trained and coached in all the aspects of brewing a great cup of coffee, including dialing in the espresso, adjusting the grinder and steaming the perfect milk. We hope you can taste the love and effort we pour into every cup of coffee.


Speciality Coffee is a term that describes the dedication of people with a special love for coffee, and who have made it their life’s work to continually make quality their highest priority. Specialty Coffee doesn't only describe the quality of the coffee bean itself, the term ensures that the whole coffee value chain works in harmony and maintains the high standards and excellence in coffee production - from the seed is planted all the way to the finished cup of coffee.

This is no easy accomplishment that every ordinary coffee maker can achieve, and because of this we are very proud of being a part of providing this quality stamp to our coffee loving customers.


We are currently brewing our coffee on three different types of high quality beans, which all packs a very different flavor profile, roast level and acidity - to ensure a versatile yet delicious assortment.

You can choose from a blend of 70% Finca Nueva Armenia and 30% San Miquel, Guatemala, for a coffee with sweet notes of caramel, nuts, and dark chocolate - a coffee that is very easy to love. If you are more into a complex dark roasted cup of coffee with smoky notes, then try our organic and natural sundried coffee with a blend of 60% Mt. Elgon, 30% Dambi Udo and 10% Jabanto.

If you aren’t a caffeine lover, then try our organic decaf which contains 100% Decaf La Voz, Guatemala - this will secure a decaf as complex as any caffeinated coffee, with tasting notes including molasses and cocoa this will leave you with a smooth sensation.

What makes good cup of coffee?

A good cup of coffee comes down to personal taste and preference, and therefore we always use freshly grinded high quality coffee beans for every coffee you order at our coffee shops. Our brewing time is carefully selected to fit our assortment of coffees, regardless if you enjoy a good cup of Latte, Cappuccino or just a classic Americano.

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A great cup of coffee sometimes calls for something sweet alongside. At our coffee shops and bakeries it is therefore possible to enjoy both in cozy surroundings. Try our Danish pastries, our freshly made cakes, or our Cinnamon Social™ for a true Scandinavian experience to go with your coffee of choice.

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If you are looking for a coffee shop near you in Midtown Manhattan, NYC - we have coffee shops and bakeries located in Bryant Park, Midtown East and Union Square. All our baristas are ready to make you a freshly brewed cup of coffee - regardless if you want to enjoy it inside our store or take it to go. Click the link below to read more.